Special Tea for Women (be aware: amazing)

This is a must try especially for Women, I know these ingredients are usually not in the back corner of the cupboard, but it is so wonderfully balanced taste you will not regret.

Short story behind the recipe:

I have a lovely Chinese friend, who was told by her mother to drink this tea (it is not special, its very common recipe in China for women) every time after her period for restoring iron and blood loss.

The basic Chinese recipe is:

-2 piece of red dates ( I bought in a Chinese grocery store, dried, wash before use)

-5-6 pieces of goji

Living with Endo makes you try out EVERYTHING... Well, nothing makes magic, but the last couple of years thought me a lot what can help to ease the pain and what is a waste of money and time.

To the point here you go with the advanced recipe:

-2 piece of Chinese red dates - jujube ( find: in a Chinese grocery store, dried, wash before use)

-5-6 pieces of goji berries - wolfseed

- 2-3 piece of dried tangerine peel (find: in a Chinese grocery store, dried, wash before use)

- Turmeric (dried or fresh)

Leave it with hot water for 10 mins then enjoy every drop of it, also all the ingredients are edible, I love to eat the jujubes at the end.

A little background of the ingredients:

Chinese red dates (jujube)

Used widely in Chinese medicine for thousands of years due to its high nutritional and antioxidant content, the jujube is high in vitamin C, phenolics, and flavonoids. Recent studies have reported this fruit to have strong anti-inflammatory, circulatory and gastrointestinal protective benefits.

Goji berries

This little berry is rich in vitamin C, A, zinc, and iron, and contains all 8 essential amino acids. Goji berries have been found in a recent study to increase energy, improve sleep quality, focus and overall well being in clinical trials when a test group consumed them daily for 14-days compared to a control group.

Tangerine peel

It has a nice earthy and citrusy flavor and can be drunk hot and cold. The tangerine peel contains many nutrients like vitamins C, E, A, K, niacin, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, and many others. So it’s no wonder it has so many health benefits and is used as a natural remedy. It can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, relieves cold and flu symptoms help with morning sickness, PMS detoxifies your body, and gets rid of stress and anxiety.


One of my favorite remedies for endometriosis pain and anxiety.

This golden-hued rhizome has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments. A lot of those health benefits have been linked to the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has been extensively studied for its preventive health benefits and disease-fighting potential.

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