Crock-pot Lentil soup with sweet potato


3 tablespoon ghee butter (or olive oil)

half cup of leeks

one can peeled tomato (without sugar)

cup of green lentils (soaked for the night)

2 medium sweet potato

half broccoli separated for flowers


First, put the onions on the ghee for 5 mins. Set the slow cooker for high for 2 hours.

Here comes the tomato - also leave it for a few minutes then pour the soaked lentils and cut sweet potatoes.

The broccoli doesn`t need much time, add for the last half an hour.

Season with salt, pepper, little chili to taste, oregano and fresh coriander.

Who eats diaries parmesan on the top is top according to my husband.

Side dish tip: black rice noddles (2 mins in boiling water, rinse and ready)

lentil soup

Such an easy and fully packed with vitamins.