How to be a master of Macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotics is a system that can be used to create extraordinary health, through using both traditional wisdom and modern knowledge to ascertain the underlying causes of an individuals current health challenges, and make adjustments to their food and lifestyle choices that support health improvement.(11). Many years of research and experiences I have found macrobiotic diet is the healthiest approach in nurturing our body. I'm amazed on the effects on my body and decided to share and spread. Perhaps my enthusiasms can convince one person, then I reached my goal.

 Not simply a diet, macrobiotic recognises the profound effects food, environment, activities, and attitude all have on our body-mind-emotions. I  believe in its principles. I adjusted the diet based on researches to be able to reduce endometrium cells. 

You are going to find useful tips and practical tricks how to change the way of your cooking smoothly.




Endometriosis is a complex estrogen-dependent disease that is defined as the presence of endometrial glands outside the uterine cavity. 

Eating habbittats like macrobiotics and the use of natural supplementaries can effect endometriosis cells in an incredibly way.


Miso soup - click here for recipe

Miso soup - click here for recipe





Lets start with what to avoid

Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners

Fruit juice and carbonated drinks

Dairies: milk, cheese, cream, butter, ghee, yogurt, and ice cream

Refined Oils and fried foods



Heavy use of spices

White rice and white flour

Foods containing chemicals, preservatives, dyes, and insecticides 


Your most valuable investment is your body


I have created a list, to make an overview of what kind of foods you should avoid if you dedicate yourself to the next level. 
Print out and pin it to the fridge, that will help when you have no idea what to eat today. It's a handy help in the beginning.



Now the best part, see what you will love to eat

Here see collected all tons of good tips of following macrobiotic diet. Some of them are adapted to reduce endometriosis cells, but the basics are according to macrobiotic principles. It's not that hard as it seems. I would recommend to try avoiding going out to restaurants at the beginning. It's easier when you can control everything. Of course this is just a beginning.


I Make a decision

I Believe in Myself

I am positive


Macrobiotic Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Enjoy eating and be thankful for your meals.
  • Eat seasonal and local foods.
  • Be mindful of quantity and quality.
  • Avoid dietary extremes.
  • Chew your food thoroughly.
  • Reduce the volume of what you eat. 
  • Be generous.
  • Be responsible and admit faults.
  • Discover life via personal experience.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Be friendly.
  • Respect all living beings.
  • Be mindful of ecology.
  • Practice economy of life.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Practice self-reflection.
  • Perfect the art of living.
  • Eat only when hungry.
Chia pudding with oatmeal - click  the recipe

Chia pudding with oatmeal - click  the recipe


 a few more must try :)

  • For the deepest and most restful sleep, retire before midnight and avoid eating at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.
  • Use cosmetics and cleaning products that are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients. Avoid chemically-perfumed products. For care of the teeth, brush with natural toothpaste.
  • As much as possible, wear cotton clothing, especially for undergarments. Avoid wearing synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the skin. Avoid wearing excessive accessories.
  • Spend time outdoors if strength permits. Walk on the grass, beach, or soil for at least one half hour every day. Spend some time in direct sunlight daily.
  • practise yoga everyday
  • Include some large green plants in the home to freshen and enrich the oxygen content of the air. Open windows daily to permit fresh air to circulate, even in cold weather.
  • Keep your home in good order, especially the areas where food is prepared and served.
  • To increase circulation and elimination of toxins, scrub the entire body with a hot, damp towel every morning or every night. If that is not possible, at least scrub the hands, feet, fingers and toes. (1)
  • Use earthenware, cast iron, or stainless steel cookware rather than aluminium or Teflon-coated pots.
  • Write down every day something small thing which made you happy!