The first time is always special



If you come to any of the grey classes which takes place in the studio you don't have to bring anything, just comfortable clothes.

If you join us for one of our green classes, in one of the beautiful parks of Berlin, please BRING YOUR MAT. If you don't have one, get in contact with me, I can provide a few mats.



 Tea and vegan snacks are offered at the end of the practice. Bring your own to share if you would like :)





one time entry: 12 EUR 



 5 time pass: 55 EUR

Valid for 5 entries for any type of class


 10 time pass:  100 EUR

Valid for 10 entries for any type of class


1 on 1 class:  50 EUR



if you can't pay that much, but you would like to come feel free to reach out to me.

Yoga is for everyone regardless money.




Coming soon..