You are not alone! HOw to fight Endometriosis naturally

Over the past 10 years, I had too many problems and mysterious pains, of course, I started to surf the internet and try to find the reasons by myself. Unfortunately, I don't have the best experience with doctors, as I mentioned in the last post Facts, Symptoms and Signs of Endometriosis, I spend so much money and time on mistreatments by gynecologists and gastroenterologists.

That is my reason I knew about endometriosis before the diagnose, but what is shocking to me that so many people STILL don't have any idea what are the main signs and what can it cause in a woman's body and life without taking care of it. 

I am 1 in 10 campaign by Padma Lakshmi other women with endometriosis presenting a powerful call to action that debuted at the Ninth Annual Blossom ball kept my breath away. (1)


If I knew it before even if it's not for 100%. (Currently, the only way to be diagnosed with endometriosis is a laparoscopic surgery with biopsied tissue that pathology confirms is endometriosis. This is an expensive procedure often not covered by insurance.) Perhaps I would have started to respect my body and mind more a few years ago on another level.




3 bullit points for the beginning




Use natural remedies as a part of self-care rutin.






Follow macrobiotic principles

The growth of endometriosis is estrogen-dependent. 

Estrogen dominance is a bodily imbalance that occurs when estrogen levels are too high and progesterone levels are too low. This promotes the growth of fibroids, cysts, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, and tumors. 





Don't stress! 

Easy to say I know, it's hard and sometimes requires heavy decisions. Cortisol is a hormone involved in the stress response but is also needed to make other hormones such as progesterone. Prolonged stress can lead to elevations in cortisol, which alternative practitioners say may decrease the available progesterone and result in a hormonal imbalance.

Herbs and nutrients that alternative practitioners commonly recommend for stress reduction include:

  • B vitamins

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium(2)

Yoga and meditations are very important in my life to reduce stress level. 




If someone would have given me a clear direction, how to live everything would be different.

Be smart now, don't wait until its perhaps too late. Respect your body and soul now!

That will change your life, but the most wonderful thing is, that your environment will get the idea, how to keep for example one of the strictest diets easily with joy in your heart.


Alternative treatments and lifestyle changes are not always enough! An interest in alternative medicine doesn’t mean you’re dismissing conventional medicine. Likewise, listening to your doctor’s orders doesn’t discount adding natural medicine to your treatment plan. However, there are some risks you want to avoid when mixing the treatments. To keep yourself safe, make sure to consult with your doctor.

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