Why 1 on 1?


If you've just started

 A one-on-one atmosphere ensures that you develop a safe and authentic yoga practice and avoid getting confused, frustrated, or injured when the speed of a group class is too fast.

If you have any special needs

In a private class, your teacher can discover what is appropriate for you and offer suggestions, make adjustments or enhance accordingly. 

if your schedule is not flexible 

If you feel it's impossible to squeeze your favourite class into your schedule, maybe the best way is to set the time which is suitable for you.

if you want to Develop and deepen

Your teacher can customise a series of poses for you to practice that are tailored to your lifestyle as well as your specific needs and goals. Private classes can give students the opportunity to learn more about yogic philosophy or other aspects of interests.

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to achieve the benefits of yoga in a one-on-one setting with just yourself and the instructor of your choice. These private classes give you the opportunity to experience a class tailored to your body, your goals, and your abilities.

In this setting, your teacher can help you make physical adjustments and assist you through your discovery of traditional yoga postures. 

In your private class, your teacher can also teach you how subtle adjustments in your alignment could help you create a strong foundation, move out of pain, practice safer, discover advanced versions of postures you may have considered mastered, and, ultimately, lead you to a better understanding of  the practice of yoga. As a result, you will create a stronger, safer yoga practice.

How to book a 1 on 1 class?

Feel free to contact me anytime via rita@contentyoga.com. We will agree on a time which is suitable for you. The class can take place in the studio (Gubener Strasse 27., Berlin) or via Skype! 




Be content! :)